Rat Treat Instructions

The story:

As Grumpie wandered through the forest he stumbled upon a strange machine. After investigating a bit he discovered that is was a treat duplicator. It requires 10 treats to operate and in order to create treats it uses a treat every time it is operated. Thinking of all the treats he could make, Grumpie went home to return later with 10 treats. He put the treats in the machine and pressed the start button. The machine came to life and was ready to roll. He pressed the roll button but nothing happened. Then Grumpie discovered that the machine ran on "rattie" power! The machine would work when he walked on the treadmill. Now Grumpie was faced with a problem. He couldn't operating the machine while walking the treadmill. He needs help. Your help!

Game play:

It's your task to help Grumpie win as much treats as possible by operating the machine. When the game starts you can see the front of the machine and on the right side you see Grumpie waiting on the treadmill (the machine only works if Grumpie walks).

To start the game, press the flashing start button (a flashing button indicates that it is active and that it can be pressed)

The machine is loaded with ten treats and the roll button becomes active (flashes)

Press the roll button and Grumpie will start to walk (score will decrement with one treat). The four bars above the hold buttons start rolling (changing images) and after a short while they stop rolling one by one. If a winning combination is rolled then the machine start to create treats. The treats are dropping from a tube and are collecting below the machine and the score is updated.

Winning combinations:

Two bars identical side by side

2 Points

Three bars identical side by side

9 Points

Four bars identical

31 Points

It is possible to prevent a bar from rolling by pressing the hold button below the bar which you want to lock. The hold button works like a toggle button. Pressing it ones will activated it. Pressing it again will deactivate the hold.




Please note that the hold buttons will be deactivated on the next roll when one of the hold buttons is active on the current roll (the hold buttons are also disabled after a winning combination). They will become active afterwards again.

A certain combination of the bars will activated the "Double your score" mode. The hold buttons will be replaced by buttons with a paw on it and the roll button changes into a "GO" button. The score can be doubled if you guess where the popping rat will halt. Press one of the four paw buttons. Only one can be selected and pressing another one will deselect the previously selected button and will select the current pressed. Then press the "GO" button. A small rat will appear below the bars and will pop from one bar to the other bar in random order. If the rat stops above the paw button you pressed, then the score will be doubled (plus one treat extra) otherwise you keep the current score. Press the "Continue" button to return to the game. The combination to activate the special mode is: bar 1 = bar 3, bar 2 = bar 4.

The machine keeps track of the highest score achieved. The high score is saved as a cookie so when you play the game the next time your high score will be present.

To save the high score it is important that your browser has the cookies enabled. Don't worry if you don't have cookies enabled. The game will work fine without cookies but your high score will not be saved.

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