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It is possible that during the first rounds of playing the game seems not to be responding to buttons or it freezes. This is due to the fact that the browser is still loading the final images for the game. Just be patient and watch the status bar of the browser. The game should run smooth once all images are loaded. If the game freezes even after the browser isn't busy loading images then press the reload/refresh button of your browser.

Off-line version:

Rat Treat is also available as an off-line version. Download the zip file and install it on your machine.

Platforms supporting ZIP:
Unzip the "" file into a directory of your choice. From this directory load the "gameloader.html" page on your browser.

Download the .EXE file. This is a self extracting archive. Once downloaded double click on the file and a small windows appears asking you where you want to extract the files. Either enter a path were you want the archive to be unpacked or use the default path. Press "unzip". From this directory load the "gameloader.html" page on your browser.

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