This site shows all ratties who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.



That is me! I was the first rattie my mom ever held in her arms. It was by accident. Mom's neighbor had my sister. After one look at her my mom was in love with us ratties. Two days later I came home..Boy, I got spoiled with yummies and toys . Most of all, I loved to stay in mom's sleeve. There I felt warm and cozy. My hobby was to make 'see through' holes in T-shirts. I did not stay alone for long. Lucky came to live with us. Pity! We two could not get along well. Maybe Lucky was too old for me. Little time after, Snoopy popped in. He was the lucky guy. He got a real girl to share his cage. Imagine.....a real girl. I know that I will live forever in the hearts of the people who knew me.


Was a real sunshine. He was so sweet and loving. He grew up in a glass container at the pet shop. He loved humans. He could stay all evening on a persons lap. He used to gnaw video boxes and everything he could put his teeth in it. Lucky was the kind of rattie who did turn rattie haters into rattie lovers. There was never again a rattie so kind and gentle like Lucky was.


When Snoopy was two years old, Vivi, a female came to live with him. Breeders said that he was too old to become a father. After two month Snoopy became a proud father of 14 babies. He lived with his 6 gorgeous sons in the rattie temple. Snoopy was a ' second hand' rattie when he came to live with the rattie clan. It did not take him long to feel at home. He loved to go his own way. He was very sweet with his babies. When the girls still were little they all played with dad and ate his food. He didn't mind. Check his family page


That was sad! Droopy had to lie in a very small glass container in which he could not stand up. The container was sealed with tape. I took him home fast and gave him a big cage. Poor guy. Because he was not able to stand, the legs on one side couldn't develop properly and he couldn't stand straight. The disvormed legs did develop and he walked and played like a normal rattie.. He was a darling rattie boy. I am so glad I took an unusual route home and found him.

Snufy Snuf

Snufy was badly hurt when I took him home. He also had a parasite and needed many baths. That was not easy because he did not want to be touched. It took him quite a long time to get used to hands. He showed his love in his own way. Great little rattie guy....he was.


Jacky came to the clan because he needed always a bath to remove his skin parasites. He was a quiet, lovely guy. Flash was his companion. It went well for about a year. After that they had big fights all the time. Finally Jacky stayed alone, which he liked.


A wonderful little Albino guy. He was a little cuttie. He died very young of brain damage.


These were four adorable brothers! They needed medical care all their lives. Nevertheless, they had a full happy life.


If there are Angels walking around on this Earth then Spotje must have been one of them. In his little heart was enough room to love ratties and humans. With his sweet loving manners he conquered many hearts. He was one out of thousands.


Vlekje was a real free range rattie guy. Always exploring the whole house. He loved to dig in garbage bags for yummies. He was a loving companion to Ratito and Spotje. We all miss him.


Scratchy was the most gentle rattie guy .He loved humans and was never afraid to climb up trousers or legs no matter to whom they belonged. Poor sweet guy had to go far to soon. His brother Itchy was missing him . So did we.


Wonderful big muscled rattie guy! He was THE Arnold Schwarzenegger among ratties! Nobody wanted him because he was born with one eye only. What a gentle loving rattie guy he was. Always in the same good spirit. He must have many dear friends at the Rainbow Bridge.


Foxy was a very sick baby at the pet shop. I took him home and tried everything to save his little life. Nothing helped. My sweet baby only got ten weeks old. R.I.P. adorable baby guy


Dusty was a very special rattie guy. He hated feet and bit in it the moment he got a chance. He did not liked to be touched. Nevertheless....I loved this rattie guy very much


Guusje got dumped because the children wanted to have two Ferrets......He was a loving three year old rattie guy


Itchy was Scratchy's brother. Both came from a pet shop. Nobody wanted to have him because of the bent in his tail. He was a sweet loving rattie guy.


Ducky was one of the five brothers which had to be euthanized if they didn't get a place in the rattie clan. The adorable rattie guy wanted to join his mom at the Rainbow Bridge far to soon.


Sweet adorable Nero. Everybody who did hold him had to love him. Wonderful rattie ambassador! Not even the many ugly abscesses changed his loving nature.


My wonderful big licky guy joint his girl Perdita. A woman came along with both ratties in her handbag. They needed a home.....Perdita needed an operation to remove her cancer. Buddy did not want a new partner after Perdita had gone. See Perdita's web page


Poor rattie guy looked bad when he first joined the clan. His back was one open wound and he smelled really bad. He did not accept any other rattie guy or humans. The only solution was to get ride of some masculine parts to avoid a life long loneliness. He lived with his five girls happy and healthy.


Awesome rattie guy!After a lonely time at the pet shop he enjoyed his life with Itchy and Scratchy. He had a very special character. I miss you my rattie !


My sweet Albino rattie boy. Why did you have to go so soon? You were so sweet and adorable. One day we will meet again.


My Mootje! Why? Why did this rattie guy had to leave far too soon! He was never sick until the last week of his life. He was a happy rattie guy. Always ready to play and invastigate the house. Till we meet again my beloved rattie guy!


Gorgeous rattie guy! Did you miss your brother Gizme so much that you wanted to join him? We had such a wonderful time together. Have fun with your brother once again. You are not forgotten


My baby! Why oh why did you go to the Rainbow Bridge? Was the desire to join your mom Daisy and aunt Rose so strong? Your dad Napoleon, brother Xar and sisters Calandra, Grundle, Smoozy and Tootsy miss you very much. So do I. My sweet little Haplo.


My poor baby! You could not live without your brother Haplo and followed him to the Rainbow Bridge. You leave a big emptiness behind. I hope there are plenty chicken legs around for the time you wait for us. I love you my gentle rattie boy


Big wonderful Leo. He got dumped in the middle of a cold December night. He hated to be touched. Other ratties were enemies. People suggested to get * ride * of him. No way! After 15 month he finally decided that kisses were nice and he could not get enough of them. This rattie guy showed once again that with patience and love a biter can turn into a loving rattie.You be missed, handsome Lion Rattie.


No rattie guy had to undergo so many things like Sunny. First he got mites and later lots of troubles with an abscess. Nevertheless..he stayed the loving rattie ray he was from the beginning.


When Bert joined the clan he was under the lice. Very shy and not used to other ratties. He had to live in a very small cage for about 20 month. He did learn how to * communicate * with other ratties. He had his good and less good times.


Sweet * Short Tail Rambo.* Your life was far too short. Your rattie mom Belly Button is missing her baby. So do we all. Have fun, adorable rattie guy!


You were found in the bushes! How wonderful it was to take care of you. Why did you have to get sick? It is so hard to loose a rattie guy like you. Have fun my boy. Wait for us!


Awesome Daddy Napoleon! Why did you wanted to join the ratties at the Rainbow Bridge so soon? Did you miss your little woman Daisy and your two sons Haplo and Xar so much ? We all miss you .


I want to picture you at The Rainbow Bridge sitting in a circle with all other ratties around you. Telling lots of stories about you life on Earth. You carried your name with honour.


You had the desire to join your brothers Ducky, Daffy and your sister Wolkje at The Rainbow Bridge. I never regret to have given you and your four brothers a loving home. I miss you all. My big * Grote Vlek * I love you!


Sweet rattie guy! You were the sweetest of all 5 brothers. Nobody wanted you 5 babies. It was of coming to the clan or to be sent to the Bridge. We had more than two years a happy rattie time. I miss you!


Was a beautiful black girl. She became a mother when she was three month old. She was a terrific mother to her 14 babies. They all grew up very well. She lived with her eight daughters in the rattie temple. She was the first girl in my clan. She loved to hide behind furniture where she could not get caught. She was a loving, gentle, beautiful rattie mom. Please check Vivi's family with this link


Was an adorable little baby. She was the companion of Jamila. Poor little darling got very sick and died ...still being a baby.


Jokey was a very beautiful rattie girl. People liked her for her color. I was baby-sitting her and Mousie for some weeks . Both were sick. Finally Jokey and Mousie stayed with me for good. Jokey liked to go her own way. She liked hugs and kisses as long it did not take too long. My little girl lost her battle against myco when she was 19 months old.


Maggie was a very special rattie girl. She was sweet, loving and a wonderful mother to Dixie. She had to undergo surgery but didn't survive the anesthetics. I'm still thinking about my girl everyday. She loved rattie snacks and was great company to her 'cage mates '. All the ratties will love her at the Rainbow Bridge.


Dixie had to leave this earth far too early. My lovely girl was what you could call a loner. Nevertheless she was a sweet loving rattie girl. Her tilted ears were very special and cute. She enjoyed to live with Jerry and the girls.


It took Bonnie a long time to forget the terrible time she had before she became a companion to Flockje. We had a great time together although she didn't liked to be touched too much. I hope she found the happiness in the clan she had to miss for quit a while.


There aren't many rattie girls like Flockje was. She was full of life despite her blindness. Always exploring the house and showing her roommate Bonnie the great spots. I miss my kind loving rattie.


Sweet little Angel. Please visit her own homepage.


Adorable little skeleton! Although being badly neglected she still had two months of happiness and love.


Lontje was one of the three sisters * The Magic Trio* Like her sisters she was badly neglected by her former owners. She came to me when she was two years old. At the age of three years she answered the call of the Rainbow Bridge. The last year of her life was full of joy and peacefully.


Lampje was a sister of Lontje. She too could still enjoy her life with much love and much yummy. She had a very own character.


Joli was Bijou's sister. Always gentle and loving. The opposite of Bijou. Sweet little Angel went very silence to join all other ratties at the Rainbow Bridge


My adorable Rattie Mousie! She was a real fighter against cancer! No wall paper was save from my girl. Her teeth marks are still visible on many places! Awesome rattie girl!


Two lovely sisters. They came to stay with the clan because they had a poor health and needed treatments. Ivo knew exactly what she wanted. See you at the Bridge my adorable rattie girls


Why my little girl did you have to answer the call of the Rainbow Bridge so soon? Two years ago you were all miserable and alone in the pet shop in a little glass container. Right next to Baby. You two were very loving cage mates and friends. I miss your rattie kisses.

Dad Fred

Fred, Pippi, Felientje and Natascha were a little family. Fred loved to be free range. Something he could not have with his first mom. They joined the clan. Fred had a head tilt and a bad case of myco. He was very gentle.

Rattie mom Pippi

Adorable Pippi was the sister of Fred. She too was very sick and followed Fred, leaving her two daughters behind. She was not only beautiful but a sweetheart as well.

Daughter Felientje

As soon the hair grow back on Felientje's head Natascha had to groom her thoroughly. She had the same bad myco as mom and dad.

Daughter Natascha

Now you are reunited with your little family. You were a very brave rattie girl but you had to lose the fight against myco after all. Watch out girls at the Rainbow Bridge! Natascha loves to groom every rattie as bold as possible



Bijou was a real treasure. A big brattie. When she was free range no place was save from her. Everything had to be re-decorated the way she liked it. I miss you my loving brattie rattie. Enjoy all the wall paper walls at the Rainbow Bridge.



Sweet old lady! She has seen many ratties come and go with her 3 1/2 years. She stayed lovable till the last minute of her life. If one rattie deserves a special treatment at the Bridge it is her. Thank you my girl!


Sick and lonely in a glass tank Jamila was waiting to find a loving home. She grew up into a happy healthy rattie girl. Never too tired to show her rattie love. Sweet girl! Have fun with Bijou, Jerry, Mousie and all other ratties at the Rainbow Bridge


Baby...adorable little baby. She was very sick at the pet shop. With some treatment from time to time she still had a healthy happy life. We all miss her very much


Snoopy was a real nice rattie girl. She was a very sick and lonely girl when she became a member of the clan .Very soon she got friends with Belinda and lived happily till the day she had to follow the call of The Rainbow Bridge


Jane was a very gentle rattie. She enjoyed life very much and her chopped off tail did not bother her much. My Sweety! Life is far too short for you my ratties!


My wonderful rattie mom! It is so hard to let go! When she came she had a broken hip and was very skinny. Her little skin was almost eaten by mites. Now you are my little Angel. We love and miss you!
Husband Napoleon. Children Calandra, Grundle, Spooty, Snoozy, Haplo and Xar. SisterRose.Brothers Conan and Macho. Your beauty lives on in your children


She was the same loving rattie girl as her sister Daisy. She too was in a very bad shape when she joined the clan School kids were playing very rough with her. Rose was a real adorable BRATTIE. She had the same * silent * sicknes like Daisy.


Wolkje was the sister of Nibbel, Dribbel, Bibbel, Daffy and Ducky. When she got sick she came to live with her brother Dribbel. She joined her brother Ducky far too soon. Lovely girl! We all miss you!


Poor sweet Angel! You did not get the chance to grow into a big healthy rattie girl. I am so sorry my sweetheart! Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


Why? Babies of mine? Why is your bloodline so bad that you all leave for The Rainbow Bridge far too soon? Give mom, dad, brothers and sisters lots of hugs. Tell them that I miss them terribly the same as I miss you!


You my very special girl got dumbed on Valentine's day. Together with the two Valli's. Brave girl. One red rose will decorate your little grave on every Valentine day.

Rest In Peace my wonderful ratties. You will live forever in my memory. Thank you for the wonderful time we could share together. I loved you all equally. Till we meet again.


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