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? - September 21, 1998

Buddy was a wonderful * licky * rattie guy.
He did not accept any other rattie but his girl Perdita
Now both are joint together for Eternity.
Rest in Peace my lovely ratties. I miss you very much!





Perdita is a very special rattie
Sweet, adorable, not at all a Brattie

She is a wonderful pal for compagnion Buddy
With me she is loving and huggy

A little piece of bread in the morning is what she loves very much
But also a kiss and a gentle touch

She gives me so much pleasure

This little rattie girl is my biggest treasure



PERDITA 1995 - October 10th 1997

My adorable Perdita,

How do I have to go on without you, my little Angel?
How can I fill up the emptiness you left behind ?
Will my tears ever dry?

Your love and sweetness healed the wounds of all lost ratties.
How can I help Buddy, your companion?
He only knows you and is feeling lonely.

You fought like a Lion against the terrible myco.
A battle you could not win my brave rattie.

For some people you were just a RAT.
For me you were a very precious gift.

You had such a sad horrible life!
Could I give you enough love to forget your sadness?
Were you happy the last four month of your life?

I can not find the words to explain how very special you were to me.
Now you are on a lovely place. No more pain and battles.
All ratties at the Rainbow Bridge will love you.


Rest in Peace my sweet little Angel. I miss you!
You are out of my sight but not out of my heart.

mom Lisa

Universal and International


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Out of recommendation by Ratties on the Rainbow Bridge’s Rattie Cult and Ratties & people on the Rat-List

Because of:
- Rescuing maltreated Ratties.
- Giving rescued Ratties another change.
- Never turning down a Rattie in need.
- Giving Tender Loving Care.
- Restoring many Ratties’ faith in humankind.
- Generally being a wonderful Rattie mom.
- And many other reasons!


Rattie Cult Leader

New Rattie Cult Member

Written and drawn by Satu (Finland)
Illustrations & text © 1999 Satu

Ode to Perdita by Satu


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