Hi! Welcome to Lisa's homepage.

My name is Frodo . I am a cute rattie guy ....hmm. I will be your webpage guide.You will find me at the beginning of every page where I will explain some things about what you are going to see. I am proud to tell you all about our rattie clan.

The PHOTO GALLERY contains pictures of all ratties of the clan. Sweet memories and pictures of the ratties which went to The Rainbow Bridge in the MEMORIAL PAGE. Touching poetry on the POETRY PAGE. THE MEDICAL pages tells something about Sarcoptic mites, ear infection, First Aid Kit for Ratties and more. To relax you can try to free * Grumpie The Rat * in the MAZE GAME. A visit to THE EXHIBITION brings you in a world of adorable rattie pictures. The MISCELLANEOUS page contains cute, strange and exciting rattie items. And many more pages.....

Grumpie is back!


After Grumpie's adventure in the Rat Maze he found another challenge, the "RAT TREAT MACHINE ".
Once again he needs your help in a new game. Read the instructions or play the game.

Have fun!

What can you find ?
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