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Ode to Frodo (by Lisa)

Droopy (by Lisa)

Pickles by Tina

Poem for mom Sharon (by Lisa)

Robert & Bailey poem (by Lisa)

A poem for my boys (by Rita "Saxman")

Poem by Dweezil (by "Dweezil" Sharon)

Dear Joey (by Lisa)

Maggie (by Lisa)

Sam (by Lisa)

The snack taken (by Michelle)

The Happy Rats (by Carl & Mick)

My Inspiration (by Alexis RatPack)

Luke..of Rebecca Cameron

Ranger Rat by Lisa Karpinski

Cherrish The Little Ones by Lisa Zinzow

Rattie Poem by JK

Leo ( by Lisa )

Pets Prayer

Hanna by Andrea Watson


Ode to FRODO

I remember the first time I held you in my hands
I knew we would be very good friends
Your fur was soft and shiny
You were so cute and tiny
Little ears and feet, still a bit clumsy
Your eyes asked me; are you my momsy ?

We had a great time, playing together
You joined me in my sleeve
By wind and bad weather
I remember the two birthdays with cake and candle
There was nothing we couldn't handle
Time passed by far too fast
The good times seemed to belong to the past

One morning my heart was full with sorrow
I had to decide, for you there was no tomorrow.....
The cancer you had was ugly and bad
The vet could not help you, I felt so sad

Now other ratties have taken your place
When I think of you, a tear drop falls over my face
You were the first rattie who stole a piece of my heart
My lovely Frodo, you were so smart !

One day we all shall cross the Rainbow Bridge together
I love you ratties, now and forever.



Droopy my darling, why did you leave me so fast?
Does our shower time together belong to the past?

My heart is bleeding from the loss of you
My love for you was real and true.

I feel so empty now you're gone
The shower is cold, I feel so alone

Rest in peace my beloved Droopy
You were and are my only Poopy

Mom Lisa


Poem for mom Sharon

Mom Sharon was three months without a rattie
No lovely guy, not a single Brattie

Many Squirrels and Raccoons find in her house a temporary home
Sharon does not leave these wonderful creatures lonely and alone

Then Teddy, JD and Cassidy found a new momsy
As babies they were little, cute and clumsy

Now they are becoming gorgeous big guys and mom is very proud
They love everything, especially a green sprout

A few days ago mom went to do some shopping for her pets
She could not resist to have a look in the corner where they keep rats

There she saw a little gray guy sitting there so lonely
His dreams were to find a mom who gave him love, only

No, it did not take long till mom's heart was full with joy
This little guy would become her boy

"Come little rattie ", she said full of pleasure
" You shall be my loving curly treasure"

The little guy's name is Dweezie
For him life started to go easy

He gets all the love and care his terrific mom is able to give
All four guys have a pleasant future to live

Now the eyes of little Dweezie are filled with laughter and delight
Gone are the days of loneliness. Everything is jolly and bright


Robert & Bailey poem

A few weeks ago two baby boy ratties saw the light
You, mom Sue, were full with joy and delight

Once again you will hold precious ratties close in your arm
Nothing or nobody can do these darlings any harm

Your love for the babies will grow with the day
Life once more turns out to be happy and gay

Robin and Bailey are the name of the two boys
A life full with fun, yummies and toys

Sometimes you will think back in sorrow
About Timone who had no tomorrow

As the room fills with sounds of little feet,
The thoughts of Timone will be gentle and sweet

Although you and Timone had to part
There is a special place for him in your heart

Two little boys found a terrific mom to live
A mom who has so much love to give

Be happy little boys and explore your new home
With Sue and Darcy you will never be alone

Dear God! Bless Robin and Bailey with all your might
Make their future be healthy, joyfull and bright.


A poem for my boys

Once upon a midnight dreary...
Sat a rat all sad and dreary.

Bored beyond what he could bear
He scavenged here and scavenged there.

What was it that he had found
Something squishy, something round

Perhaps to bite and alas to taste
No longer bored he eats in haste

Can't feel bored when there is food
Gee that grape sure tasted good.

Now back to the job that is at hand
Looking bored in the cage I stand.

Here she comes to cheer me up
Thinking I'm really a sad pup.

This game I made is not all that bad
It gets me food, and makes me glad.

Yummy yummies for my tummy
I sure love my human mommy!

Rita, also known as Saxman, wrote this poem
for her three Ratttie boys: Milo, Caesar and Buffy.


Poem by Dweezil

Lisa is a special pal
To ratties and the list
With all her charm and comforting
She really would be missed

Sharon Dubois

Dear Joey,

Your little, brave heart is not beating any longer,
Your desire to go to the Rainbow Bridge was stronger

Your mom Ruby feels miserable and sad
She misses her gorgeous big darling ,so bad

There is an awful lot of crying
That`s what two legged moms do, if a rattie is dying

The light of many candles guide you to the Bridge
You leave a life behind you, delightful and rich

When you see my ratties, please give them a warm embrace
As I still remember all the happy days

Now we have to cheer up your mom and tell her that she is not alone
Even now that her beautiful heavy weight rattie has gone......

Rest in peace, sweet Joey...Your battle is over.



The violets on your little grave still look pretty,
But my heart is filled with pain and pity

You my rattie girl left me totally unexpected
The danger of the operation. I neglected.....

You were so healthy and so strong
And yet...The operation did go wrong

The rattie temple looks empty and bare
I wish I could see your sweet little face in there

Thank you my lovely rattie for the marvelous time we had together
Your lovable personality will stay in my memory forever

Rest in Peace my little Angel. I loved you more then words can tell.

mom Lisa

Dear Rattie Guy Sam,

I saw you for the first time on the RMCA cover,
A joy to the eyes of every rattie lover.

You looked so cute, adorable and strong.
No, there was nothing that could go wrong!

But shortly after, your mom sent a message so bad,
"You had gone...". I felt so sad.

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Next to Frodo, you had plenty of room.

Frodo feels lonely and has nobody to play,
Since his best buddy suddenly has gone away.

Mom Nadine loved you more than she can tell.
Her life with you was wonderful, everything felt well.

Many tears have fallen over mom's faces.
Moms from all different places.

We all feel the pain your mom has to go through.
She, beautiful Sam, loved you with all her heart, honest and true.

Mommy misses you so much.
She would give anything for a little kiss or a touch.

There will be never again a rattie guy so lovely and clever.
Your body has left but your memory stays forever.

Now you know the secret of another world full of beauty.
No more pain or illness for you, gorgeous cutie!


The Snack taken

Two snacks emerged from my ratty hoard,
And sorry I could not eat them both
And be one ratty, long I stood
And licked at one as hard as I could
To rid it of some moldy growth;

Then licked the other, just as fair,
And perhaps having the better claim,
Because it was dusty and coated with hair;
And I noticed that some passing rat
Had nibbled them both about the same,

And both that evening equally lay
In fuzz and crumbs and raisins black.
Oh, I kept them both for another day!
For, knowing my brother would wander by,
I knew that I could steal HIS snack!

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
My hoard was full of snacks, but I --
I took from a rat who traveled by
And that has made all the difference.

Michelle L Gillie

The Happy Rats

I look around, what do I see?
My happy rats sit next to me.
Their whiskers twitch, their noses wiggle.
They make me smile, they make me giggle.

There's Ramses the gentle giant is he.
He watches over his brothers three.
When Osiris, Tut and Seti call
Ramses comes and fixes all.

Eleni may not have a tail; she'll love you just the same.
Brekke kisses everyone; She's really very tame.
Isis with her dumbo ears and silky, curly fur
You really cannot help but to fall in love with her.

To our surprise Cleopatra became a mother
With one little sister and one little brother.
Horus, he's a finger nibbler, Selket she never stops.
Together as a family they really are the tops.

And that's the story of my rats
Much to the dismay of my two cats.
I as happy as I could be
Having rats to share my life with me.

Carl & Mick (October 30, 1997)

A little poem dedicated to Lolita


Everybody knows your cute little face
Your picture is on a magnet and many other place

You were one of mom Diane most adorable girl
More beautiful then the shiniest pearl

As baby you used to be a little brattie
Soon you turned into a wonderful loving rattie

Now you are on a place where the sun never goes to sleep
The love of your mom remains honest and deep!

Rest in Peace sweet Lolita, your memory will stay in our hearts for ever.

Auntie Lisa

My Inspiration

From the day I gazed down at her all curled up in a ball.

Saddened was I, her presence in the feeder pet store walls.

I couldn't help but pet her, and she wasn't shy.

I fell in love with her, a commitment until the day she will die.

Picking a name wasn't hard, to place it fell,

We ended up calling her, 'Angel'.

It was fully, 'Angel Lauren Juliet'...

When she played out side the cage I have no need to fret.

She never left her designated spot...

Angel was my dream come true.

And still she and I cuddle on my couch all blue.

And now I know how I can instantly feel grand..

Holding Angel in the palm of my hand.


Written by Alexis of the RatPack

This poem is written by RATTIE GUY LUKE

To those who thought of me
Whilst on my journey to the Rainbow Bridge
Please know I'm thinking of you
And would love to raid your fridge!

I spoke to Leia today
My childhood friend all black and white
She says hello and remembers you
And all your smiles so bright

I spoke to Ty as well
The runt with the big feet
He still hops and looks all crooked
And he says all your friends he has met

He says the Bridge is beautiful place
And your friends are all doing well
They hang out at the water fountain
And sleep side by side, rats, mice and creatures all!

Silk has told me wonderful tales
Of fields ablaze with color
How everyone gathers at the schoolhouse
To get lessons from the mother

Kramer met up with Cinder
Just the other day
He claimed their reunion was glorious
How they jumped and hugged and laughed in play
And now it's my turn to join the fun

I can see I'm almost there....
I see Leia my first love...
I see my daughter, Cinder...
I see my friend, Silk...
I see the bumbling fool that is Kramer..but I've missed him so..
And look! There's little Ty still so small...
I'm here!

They are all hugging me!
I cherish this day!
I see your friends too!! They are all standing back,
Smiling..understanding the joy I feel
They cheer and hug each other as I arrive..another reunion
Reunions seem to be a very big event here.

I see the fields, the water fountain, the schoolhouse..they were all right.
Secretly, I knew..and now you know too.
Your friends say hello and they all look wonderful!


Rebecca Cameron was Luke's mom (daribus@yahoo.com , http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/6371)

Cherish the Little Ones

Rattus rattus in the park
Rattus rattus after dark.

Eyes shining in the night
Little heart so dear and bright.

Chitter, chatter soft and sweet
Pitter, patter little feet.

Cherished in God's kingdom too,
Why are we so mean to you?

Scurry, scurry to and fro
Hurry, hurry down the row.

Gather food, but don't be seen;
Keep your senses ever keen.

People, people, can't you tell
Steeple, steeple, teach us well.

Respect all life or fail to see
That their demise our own will be.

Poem by Lisa Zinzow ( lmzinzow@software.rockwell.com )

Poem by JK ( someonelsentirely@yahoo.com )

All day they sleep, their eyes still open,
Pressing snouts, entwining tails.
They leap;
The ground is fain to hold them
Their lithe precision never fails.

They catch the faded beams of lamplight;
Hold them in their fiery eyes.
Beneath the fur two minds are working
Learned, maybe no, but wise.

The strongest wire cannot hold them
Heart and spirit both are free.
Captivity can never tame them,
Dim their bright vivacity.

Their species reigns despised but dauntless;
Sure of its supremacy.
No primate ever can exceed
Their sheer adaptability.

For centuries we've tried to crush them
Poisoned, trapped and even shot.
The fact that they are still alive
Has proved them a resilient lot.

And a yet a few of us have found
The necessary love and trust
Which ultimately may become
The bridge between the rats, and us.

Ranger Rat

Ranger is my rat.
He isn't very fat.
But he is very very scared of my pet cat.

Upon him you had sat.
You crushed him 'cause your fat.
I guess that is the end of my beloved rat.


Lisa Karpinski (lisamkar@ix.netcom.com)


Someone dumped you in the middle of the night
The streets were icy, all covered in white

Your eyes were full with fear and anger
Was this another place of horror and danger?

You did not trust a single move or touch
Your life must have been bad and tough

You got all the love and care a rattie desires
Forgotten was the time in the box, covered with wires

We have spent 18 exciting month together
With lots of up's and down's, like the weather

A thousand kisses and tender words guided you to the Bridge
You my Lion rattie made my life wonderful and rich

Thank you my Leo for the love and trust you were able to give
Leaving me behind , feeling so much grief.

Rest in peace my Angel. Till we meet again!

Mom Lisa


My Pickles now has gone
She now lies underground.
She shall never play no more
Nor utter another rat sound

She was a lovely pet
My albino rat
But I shall not remember sadly
She deserves much more than that.

I will remember her wit and cunning
As she would play with rodent glee
And all the love and joy ,
That she brought to me

Some people would say, "it's a pest , a rodent ,a rat!"
I would simply reply "Oh no, She was a friend ,a mammal"
So warm and loving,
She deserves much more than that!

I love all my rats,all so tenderly
And when their souls leaves this place
it takes a piece of me.

My Pickles has gone
She now rest under ground
I shall remember her fondly
As she no more makes another rat sound.

Mom Tina ( PlatypusFD@aol.com )

A Pets Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in the world
is more grateful for kindness than mine.
Do not break my spirit with a stick, for although I should lick your hand
between blows, your patience and understanding will teach
me more quickly the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voices are the world's sweetest music,
as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when I hear your step.
When the weather is cold and wet please take me inside for I am a
domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements, and I ask no
greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not
reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.
Feed me clean food so that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your
bidding, to walk by your side standing ready to protect you with my life should
your life be in danger.

And master, when I am very old and the Greatest Master sees fit
to deprive me of my health and sight, do not turn me away, rather,
see that my trusting life is gently taken away and I shall leave you knowing
with the last breath I draw, my fate was always safest in your hands.


Author Unknown

Hanna by Andrea Watson


Hanna, you came into my life so small, so fragail
You brought me so much love
Yet you left so quickly
You lay in my hands, so calm
Hanna, I miss you
Your dark, warm eyes stare into mine
You're calmer than I am, een though you know your dying
Hanna, I miss you
Your taking your last breath
Living your last seconds
You slowly close your eyes
I pet your soft fur, wet with my tears
You go limp
You have left
Hanna, I miss you
You came and left so quickly
Leaving such a loss
Such an empty feeling
You don't know what an impact you made
You were so strong,
You fought 'till the end
Hanna, I miss you,

Andrea,Aslin and Mackenzie ( luv_bug85@hotmail.com )

R.I.P Hanna, darling


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