Welcome to the Rat Maze. A game which can be played with any web browser and
doesn't require JAVA. It will take a while to download the game (size: 255K).
Once the page is downloaded, you don't have to stay online in order to play.

The Rat Maze was written by Tirion specially for Lisa's Homepage. Questions, comments
and remarks about the Rat Maze can be send to tirion. The intro story was written by Lisa.
Copyright 1999 Lisa Jenny. Ratmaze & Illustrations 1999 Tirion. All rights reserved

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Grumpies Adventure

Once upon a time there was a rattie boy
called Grumpie. On a beautiful day in
Spring he sat in the green grass, listening to
the song of birds who were busy building a nest.

Grumpie's brothers and sisters were playing hide and seek. Mom was
cleaning the rattie home. It was necessary after the long cold winter.

Grumpie didn't feel like playing. He wanted to think about the cute rattie girl
he met just before winter came and he had to stay inside the house.

A butterfly, covered with the most beautiful colours, was flying from flower
to flower, enjoying the gorgeous day. Grumpie got fascinated by the grace
of the butterfly and started to follow it. He forgot all about what mom had
said, that it was very dangerous to wander off alone.

He reached a little hill not far away from home.
Suddenly he slipped! Nobody heard the little
screams when he started to tumble down
the hill. Poing poing poing.....his little body
rolled and tumbled all the way down to the

Grumpie could feel pain all over his body. When he recovered a bit he
started to look around...and thought, "Hey..what`s that????"
Straight ahead of his cute little face he saw a little green door. Then he
remembered the words of mom. He knew he should not enter. But...his
curiosity was much stronger than the best advice.

He went to the door and opened it very slowly. He could see part of
a hallway. It looked strange. Just a quick look, Grumpie thought, and then
I will return home.

With his little nose straight into the air he made one little step towards
the hall. His long whiskers wiggled with great speed. "Peep......anybody
there?" he asked in a little voice.
No answer. Finally he entered the hallway....step by step.

Suddenly, the door slammed behind his back! "Peeeeep..
HEEEELP!" Grumpie screamed! He was trapped. The
only way out seemed to go further down the hall. Grumpie
soon discovered that he was in a Maze. He could not find
the way out by himself.

That is your job! Please help Grumpie to find a way out so he will see his
brothers and sisters again......

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It is your job to guide Grumpie through the maze towards the exit.
You can guide Grumpie by clicking on the buttons next to the picture:

Step forward

Turn left

Turn right

Turn around

If Grumpie can't go in a certain direction, the corresponding button will be empty.
When you had enough, press the quit button. If you are lost and want to start again
then press the restart button.

At the top left side of the screen there is a location indicator. You start at location 2.
Remember your location when you want to start at a specific location the next time
you enter the maze. You can jump to the location by adding a "#" behind the URL
and location number.
To start at location 10, type:"http://www.xs4all.nl/~tirion/ratmaze.html#10"

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