In memory of Lisa Jenny
who passed away on Mai 22, 2000

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A remarkable woman she was, I am proud of her.
Everything she has given me, love and her life.
The battle for life she didn't win,
but she won the love which started it all
Thank you mom, for who you were

You will be forever in my heart. I love you

Evaristo Westplate

From: Rattie clan of Lisa []
Date: Wed May 31 22:35:52 2000

We miss you mom. Give our love to all who are at the rainbow bridge. Untill we meet again. Bye mom

From: Kelly A Shepard []
Date: Thu Jun 1 00:11:04 2000

Before I met Lisa, I didn't know that people like her existed. She was kind and unprejudiced, and completely altruistic. She was truly one in a million. If more people were like her, the world would be a much better place for humans and all other creatures. I am very lucky to have had her for a friend, and I know many others feel the same. Rest in peace dear Lisa, we will remember you forever. Kelly and the ratties

From: Renee []
Date: Thu Jun 1 00:56:34 2000

The world could use more people like Lisa. She will be missed by all who knew her...

From: Wendy Thomas []
Date: Thu Jun 1 02:40:45 2000

Lisa - You brought Joy to my life. A friend indeed. May you find happiness at the Bridge.

We will miss you

Wendy and citters

From: Wendy Rundel []
Date: Thu Jun 1 02:46:25 2000

Oh! What a loss to all of us. Lisa has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our dear ones who have crossed as well. Lisa was one in a million. She gave me so much help when I had ratties and we shared life's problems and happinesses. We developed a wonderful, close friendship. I am just thankful to have had her in my life for the last 5 years of hers. The gift of her friendship with be with me forever.

From: Mary Ann Isaksen []
Date: Thu Jun 1 03:09:00 2000

Lisa gave more to the rat world and those of us in it than she'll ever know. She was a wonderful lady who will be sorely missed.

From: Kristin Johnson []
Date: Thu Jun 1 14:59:32 2000

Lisa was one of my dearest friends. She had a way of making every person and every rat feel like they were special.

We miss you Lisa.

Love and rattie hugs, Kristin and the rats

From: Suzanne Crawford email: or []
Date: Thu Jun 1 17:06:21 2000

I remember the kindness and love that always clearly shown in all the messages from Lisa. She kindly gave me advice for my sick ratties, she sent comforting condolences, she welcomed me and my family to come visit her someday "over the big water." Lisa was a beautiful and special friend, an incredible giving and loving person. She was and still is a beacon of light and inspiration. Lisa once consoled me by saying one of my ratties was perhaps a "Little soul [that] was needed at the Bridge." I can only imagine that the wonderful Lisa was needed at the Bridge to lovingly care for all that go there, to be a shining light of joy, comfort, welcome. Lisa, I miss you. As you always said, I'll give my rattie clan hugs and scritches as I remember you. Please give your special clan at the Bridge hugs and scritches from us as well.

From: Ruth []
Date: Thu Jun 1 20:40:10 2000

I didn't know Lisa personally, just through the list and this site. She has helped my ratties and me through some tough times. Thanks Lisa, see you at the bridge.

From: Patricia Sutcliffe( []
Date: Thu Jun 1 20:50:56 2000

Dear Lisa

I never knew you but just reading the e-mails and feeling how sad I too felt over your passing and seeing your web page made me realize what a wonderful loving person you were and how sorry I am never to have met you or spoken to you. May you find peace and happiness with all of your little furry friends. And I hope that you are now with all of them. Keep them happy and safe and loved until we too can once again be with them.

From: Tanja Sily []
Date: Thu Jun 1 21:18:30 2000

The Rattie Saint has left us to be with her ratties on the Bridge... You will be missed, Lisa. *sad squeak*

From: Lee Ann Pingel []
Date: Thu Jun 1 23:18:57 2000

Lisa Jenny, the Patron Saint of Rats, has gone to her well-earned rest and left a tremendous hole in the heart of the ratlist.

She was truly a bright light of kindness and compassion.

Blessings be upon her.

Lee Ann, Isaiah, Sophie, Sarafina, and Zeke Athens, Georgia, USA

From: Ingrid and Al Brucato []
Date: Fri Jun 2 01:00:30 2000

Dearest Lisa, guardian angel of all rats,we lit a candle to St.Francis for you and know that you are now in Heaven surrounded by all the ratties who preceded you. But here you are missed so much not only by your own family but by so many friends all over the world whom you have helped and comforted. In your memory, we promise to rescue at least one waiting rattie. We will always remember and love you Ingrid and your "Mr.Al"

From: Sharon Dubois []
Date: Fri Jun 2 07:08:06 2000

My dear sweet Lisa,

A better friend I'll never find. You touched the heart of so many people with your kindness and love. My life will never be the same without you. I miss you so very much. I am very lucky to have had you in my life and I am thankful for that. Know that you will live on in my heart and the hearts of everyone you touched. There are no words to express how I feel.

Be happy and at peace my dear friend.

I love you. Your good friend forever, Sharon.

From: Pauline and ratties []
Date: Fri Jun 2 08:53:47 2000

Heartbroken and out of words for this great loss. What a remarkable woman. She will be missed so much. It's a comfort to know a great person like Lisa Jenny is with our ratties at the rainbow Bridge.

Pauline and ratties Waalwijk, The Netherlands

From: jessimouse http;// []
Date: Fri Jun 2 12:01:52 2000

all the rats in the world who need help will mourn you....i do too in the name of all those rats.I never met you and that's too bad.... jessi

From: Ingrid Paulussen []
Date: Fri Jun 2 12:09:53 2000

I never got to meet Lisa Jenny in person. But I got to know her through the lists. She was a very special person, a true angel for all the ratties in the world. She will be missed...

From: Peter and Elly van Velzen/ []
Date: Fri Jun 2 12:38:57 2000

We only knew you from your homepage, but we know you will be missed. Please give a hug to all our ratfriends at the rainbowbridge. We hope you will be happy there. Peter and Elly.

From: Maudy van der Velden []
Date: Fri Jun 2 15:15:12 2000

Lisa Jenny we didn't met personaly, but what a big loss in the rat world, Give my love to all the ratties who are there with you now, and i hope some day we al will be together again.

Bye Lisa Jenny good luck on the Rainbow bridge.


From: Michele Davis []
Date: Fri Jun 2 20:50:17 2000

Rest in Peace, Dear Lisa, Patron Saint of all Ratties. The rats at the Bridge are blessed with your presence. Rats and people on earth have lost a very special person who was one in a million. In your memory, may each of us in even some small way carry on your legacy of respect and caring for the tiny creatures of the world.

Michele Davis and Matilda

From: Natasja Verleg []
Date: Sat Jun 3 00:10:59 2000

Rest in peace,dear Lisa Jenny. Be proud of what you've done for all those ratties who needed it the most.

With love, ^tasja^

From: Diane Newburg []
Date: Mon Jun 5 22:38:45 2000

Your friendship, advice, sense of humor and extraordinary compassion for our furry friends will be treasured forever. Now my dearest Lolita can thank her Auntie Lisa at the Bridge for the lovely poem you wrote for her. You said this so many times to me when you lit a candle for a departed rat and now I send it back to you: I hope our candles made your trip to the Bridge bright and without fear." Goodbye, my friend. Diane

From: Paula Johnson []
Date: Wed Jun 7 19:18:15 2000

Dearest Lisa:

I have a very fond remembrance of your story of the little wild mouse that jumped in your blouse and stayed there for a while. Totally unafraid, though a wild creature. Lisa, you had that effect on people as well as animals. We were all drawn to you for your kindness and compassion. I'll never forget you. Please give Bernie and Smudgie some scritches for me.

Love, Paula

From: Heather and the Girlies []
Date: Thu Jun 8 01:38:38 2000

Your love and light will be greatly missed on this Earth. But I am sure that you will bring joy to the Ratties at the Bridge.

Our thoughts go with you.

Sweet Water and Light Laughter

H and the G's

From: Kelly Goodman and Ben Blue []
Date: Mon Jun 12 23:29:44 2000

We never had the chance to meet Lisa is person, but we did correspond with her both via e-mail and snail mail. She was a wonderful woman! She gave so much to the ratties and to their owners, she will be greatly missed.

Kelly and Ben

From: Patty Patton []
Date: Wed Jun 14 02:39:45 2000

To Evaristo Westplate: Gecondoleerd met het overlijden van je moeder. Sterkte en het allerbeste. Toegewenst.

Lisa was a wonderful rat embassador and I'm sure she was welcomed with open arms at the Rainbow Bridge.

Patty Patton, the cats, rats and mice Columbus, Ohio, USA

From: Tobie []
Date: Thu Jun 15 19:06:39 2000

I did not know Jenny at all but i hope she rests in peace. I bet she had a great life.

From: Leeanne and the Ozratz []
Date: Sat Jun 17 04:36:14 2000

Only a few weeks ago I sent Lisa a postcard. It had a cute little marsupial on the front, and when I saw it, I thought of Lisa. On the back I wrote "May Divinity shine upon you always" If only I had known then how appropriate that was.... Lisa will always shine her own light upon all who knew her, both human and rattie. To all who met her in person, you are very lucky to have stood beside such a wonderful person. Regards, Leeanne and the Ozratz (Queensland, Australia)

From: Linda Strydom []
Date: Sun Jun 18 13:17:40 2000

Lisa Jenny was a truely fantastic woman. She always had a kind word and I still have some of the last emails she sent me. Earth definately is poorer for her passing...but I hope she is surrounded now by all the rats she loved. I will miss reading her emails and will think of her often.

From: Beth Larkin-/ []
Date: Sun Jun 18 13:32:09 2000

I didn't know Lisa personally but spoke to her many times on the ratlist. She was always there to lend a helping hand and to help ease my worries. She truly loved all ratties and I know she is watching over our furry friends like the angel she is. She will be missed tremendously! My thoughts are with her human family and her furry family. Rest in peace Lisa and we'll see you at the Bridge. Love, Beth and the boys

From: Jenny Petersen []
Date: Tue Jun 20 01:31:22 2000

Lisa was my very first friend on the Internet, and I could not have asked to meet a nicer person. My Honeybear and I miss her very much.

Evaristo, I know she would have loved the really sweet opening page you placed here for her.

Goodbye, Lisa! I will always remember you, and your "peeps" and "scritchies."

Your Friend, Jenny

From: Alyssa []
Date: Tue Jun 20 12:43:47 2000

Lisa helped me both through her webpage and also through her emails when I was new to rat keeping. When my lad Albert was ill, she sent him a lovely message.

Albert passed on two months before Lisa, and I hope that both of them will meet at last.

The day that Lisa died was my 19th birthday. Instead of celebrating my life, I celebrated hers.

Alyssa and The Lads

From: Jessica Email: []
Date: Wed Jun 21 19:00:40 2000

To all that have lost their Ratties, my condolences I offer you. I have recently been chosen by a female named Moose, and couldn't imagine losing her. Good luck, little Lisa on the bridge...happy thoughts are always for you...

From: colinda meulman []
Date: Tue Jul 11 14:14:15 2000

I didn't know Lisa personally, but I do know that she did a whole good things for her people and rats. I hope she passed the Rainbowbridge and that she join the ones she lost before. I wish her beloved, who stayed on this earth a lot of strenght. We will all miss her. Colinda Meulman and her rats.

From: Malou Kamstra []
Date: Thu Jul 13 09:05:55 2000

Hi lisa... I haven't really had the preasure tpo really meat or get to know but many people said that you where a very nice kind and loving woman on the rattenlijst everybody was very sad at the time when you passed away I just ant to say that we all miss you very much and there come love from everybody to you... love malou

From: Melissa Drake []
Date: Thu Jul 13 17:20:14 2000

One of the most special people I have known. She was an angel for rats, and the world will miss her. ~~hoping she's playing with her ratty freinds gone before~~

From: Jorunn Hooi []
Date: Sun Jul 16 00:22:21 2000

Today I went to Lisa's page, just for a little visit. Her great website always brings a smile in my face. But today it only brought tears in my eyes. I am so sorry to read this very very sad news. My condolences to Lisa's family. What a terrible loss. I didn't know Lisa personally, only through e-mails. My last mail with her was on May 12. Rest in peace, dear Lisa. Your email friend Jorunn.

From: Phaedra Brucato []
Date: Wed Jul 19 02:50:40 2000

While visiting my grandparents during school vacation, I got the bad news that Lisa had passed away. I cannot believe it! She was such a good and generous friend to me.I miss her so much and hope she is happy now.

From: Jeff Morneweck []
Date: Fri Jul 21 20:25:38 2000

Lisa was a ray of sunshine on the Ratlist -- Always helpful, never petty. I try to remember and follow her example. We miss you, Lisa.

Jeff and the Rats of the Round Table Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

From: Marcia Dunn []
Date: Wed Jul 26 20:28:09 2000

My Dearest Lisa, thankyou for coming into my life and sharing the Rattie Clan and yourself. I remember how you answered my post on the ratlist and gave me love and understanding of loosing my beloved rattie angel, BUFFY. It was so helpful and to know someone else understood my grief. You became my best friend on the internet and I only wished that I was abled to have accepted your invitation to the Netherlands and your home. I know that you have to be the Patron Saint of Ratties because of your total love of them. I know that you are at the RAINBOW BRIDGE reuniting with Frodo and the rest of your beloved clan and also with my ratkids: Buffy, Mickey, Molly, Gracey and Mandy. Someday I will be there too to reunite with all of you. Thankyou Lisa for being such a wonderful caring person of humans and ratties. You will always be in my heart. God bless you forever, Lisa. Your son has given us a wonderful page to be able to write his and our tribute to you. Your dearest friend always, Marcia Dunn (Oregon-USA)

From: J. - []
Date: Fri Aug 4 22:11:09 2000

Condolences from me and my family. X-ses, J.

From: kim holch KEHOLCH@Q-EXPRESS.NET []
Date: Wed Aug 9 22:58:15 2000

I am sure your pets will miss you, but will hold in their hearts all the love and care you gave them. I am a pet owner to. I own a cat named mickey and am thinking of purchasing a rat. You are a wonderful person, because you took the time to help the time to help a pet that not to many people enjoy. Maybe through you they will have a greaetr understanding of them and develop a love that you and other owners do.

From: Elissa Mills []
Date: Thu Aug 10 17:45:08 2000

To all who knew lisa.... She had a nice web page and had many rats to love. In her memory i will continue to cherish my ratties and save all the ones i can.

From: Virginia Simpson []
Date: Sat Aug 12 02:35:44 2000

I thought that waiting to write this would help me find the words for what I feel. I was wrong.

What waiting has done is to show me all the little ways Lisa affected my life. All the little ways in which I miss her. I only knew her through the internet, yet I feel, and I know, that I have lost a friend with her passing. I can only imagine how much greater the loss is for those whose lives she blessed with her physical presence.

In her memory I would like to suggest that everyone who reads this send an ecard to a friend. Lisa would send ecards for no other reason than that she enjoyed the card and wanted to share her enjoyment. I can't think of a better tribute to her memory than others doing the same.

I miss sharing stories of rat adventures. I miss comparing medical notes. But I really do miss the unexpected, cheery e-cards that she so loved to share.

A little bit of light was lost to this world when Lisa passed on, and a part of me has been crying ever since. I hope that more and more people will follow her example by sharing their joy of life.

With tears, Virginia

From: Vermin Brewing Team []
Date: Sun Aug 13 16:44:11 2000

Without ever meeting her, Lisa's devotion to her rats has made us happy, moved us, and even helped us and our rats. Rat owners never may become used to the passing of our beloved rat companions, now it's one of their human companions. We'll all miss her.

From: Nathalie []
Date: Sat Aug 19 11:34:50 2000

I unfortunately never had a chance to meet this wonderful Lisa person but I'm very glad I landed on this web site and was able to witness part of that which was hers. I am certain that she is being treated well where she is now, and being pampered by those she cared for deeply. Sher certainly is the patron saint of all things rattie.


From: Kristin's mom []
Date: Tue Aug 22 01:31:25 2000

I did not know Lisa, but I knew "of her". And what I knew was good! If we are missed when we pass, as much as this dear person, then our time on this earth will have been well spent.

From: Mary Principe INTERNET EXPLORE []
Date: Tue Aug 22 05:29:01 2000


From: Michelle Gillie []
Date: Tue Aug 22 14:16:13 2000

It's a measure of how special Lisa was that she is so deeply loved and missed by a whole world of people who never met her in person.

She was a fountain of expert knowledge, a source of great wisdom, a cool head in a crisis, and a teller of unforgettable rattie tales. It was a blessing to have her with us.

From: ?? []
Date: Tue Sep 19 22:14:16 2000

Who's Lisa Jenny?

From: []
Date: Mon Oct 2 19:18:21 2000

From: Carole Nelson []
Date: Fri Oct 6 08:23:50 2000

I will always have fond words and wonderful memories of Lisa who I had the great pleasure of meeting through the rat digest and her wonderful loving website. My heart goes out to her family and all her wonderful friends she has made here not to mention all the little ratties she has loved and helped. We will always remember you and the joy and helpful, kindness you shared with all of us Lisa.

Rattie licks and hugs Carole and her Lil' Ratscals Rattery Ottawa, On., Canada

From: Carole Nelson []
Date: Fri Oct 6 08:25:14 2000

I will always have fond words and wonderful memories of Lisa who I had the great pleasure of meeting through the rat digest and her wonderful loving website. My heart goes out to her family and all her wonderful friends she has made here not to mention all the little ratties she has loved and helped. We will always remember you and the joy and helpful, kindness you shared with all of us Lisa.

Rattie licks and hugs Carole and her Lil' Ratscals Rattery Ottawa, On., Canada

From: Yersinia []
Date: Mon Oct 9 06:39:01 2000

I just came here to see if Lisa had updated her site and learned of her passing. I usually only cry when rats die; only once before have I ever cried over the death of a human, but I can barely write this because I can't see through my own tears. I never met Lisa in person, but I still have her emails, the beautiful sympathy cards she sent me when I lost rats, and the rattie placemats she sent me. I'll never forget this wonderful woman who not only made me smile, but who absolutely deserved her reputation as the "patron saint of rats everywhere." If there truly was such a place as the "rainbow bridge," I'm sure she'd covered in a warm pile of fuzzies, bruxing back at them.


From: Kristin - []
Date: Sun Oct 15 18:16:22 2000

My condolence to Lisa Jenny... LUV` FROM KRISTIN

From: AiGoN []
Date: Mon Oct 23 04:12:48 2000

My deepest condolences to You !!!

Greetings from AiGoN

From: Gunnar Fredrick Lindfors III []
Date: Sun Nov 5 22:34:57 2000

My rats Diamond Lil and FX send their condolences too.

From: Daisy Groenen []
Date: Fri Nov 10 12:31:06 2000

I never knew Lisa, but Im sure she was a very nice person. And im sure her ratties will all miss her. just like all the rest do. And i think she`s very lucky with friends like all of you! So I wish all of you all the luck of the world. and take good care of your ratties. And I hope that Lisa is with my rattie that died yesterday because i know she would take good care of him. with very much love Daisy

From: Mia []
Date: Sun Nov 12 01:53:39 2000

I never got to know Lisa, but I know what you feel like. My pet rat, Miss T, died on November 10, 2000. It felt so horrible to wake up and discover that your rat is dead. I remember how cold and lifeless she felt when she was dead. I shall mourn with you not because I am mourning about your mourning, but mourning because I need to mourn for my rat too.

From: Karen []
Date: Mon Nov 20 08:16:21 2000

My condolences to all those who are loved ones,friends,and aquaintences of Lisa. May your memories of her be filled with her light.I wished I had had an opportunity to meet her.She sounds a treasure indeed! Lisa...give my kisses to Baby,Buddy and Molly at the Rainbow Bridge. In sympathy, Karen

From: Myra []
Date: Sat Dec 30 21:40:34 2000

I have never known lisa personaly,but im sure she was a wonderful person and that you she was always kind.So may her eternal life be peaceful.My deepest simpathy... Myra

From: Nicholas Spampata none []
Date: Wed Jan 3 21:08:05 2001

Dear Lisa, I remember many of your posts on the rat list. It seemed that almost everyday you were writing about the new rats you rescued and brought home. You never failed to amaze me with your willingness to take in every unfortunate rat you came across. I can't imagine anyone with a bigger heart. I am stunned to hear of your passing. It's hard to believe that someone I knew only through a few emails could stir up such strong emotions upon her passing, but you are a special person. I know you are now with all your rats who went before you. Please say hello to them all and to my girls, Tweezer, Selena, Bianca, and Artemis, when you see them. It saddens me that you are gone, but I am heartened in the knowledge that your heart is big enough to love every single rat at the Bridge. In your life you set an example which all people should strive to follow. You are sorely missed by myself, all the listers, and, most of all, by all the unfortunate rats of this world. Good bye.


From: Richard en Yvonne Greefkes []
Date: Fri Jan 5 22:54:43 2001

Het was fijn zoveel van je te hebben geleerd over onze huismaatjes. Dankje voor al je hulp.

From: Girl from Mars a.k.a. Clivia []
Date: Thu Feb 8 21:56:05 2001

It came as a shock to me. Lisa has died. I must have missed the mails. Lisa, you were a rattie saint and hope you meet up with all the ratties who had to leave you. You are one of those people who should never have to die but continue their great work for the animals.

I will never forget you and how you helped me and my first rat Shelley. Thank you, Lisa. Clivia

From: sophie []
Date: Sat Feb 24 21:19:28 2001

Dear Lisa, I never really knew you,but what y do know is that you are a sweet person who didn't need to dy.Mayby this is to late but you really helped me.I had a rat,she was pregnent,her three baby's ware born dead,now she's dead to, but y know that y don't have to worry becouse she's with you.THANK YOU!!!!!! AND REST IN PEACE+++sophie

From: Katie []
Date: Thu Mar 8 21:54:05 2001

I can't believe you've gone..I never knew you in person.. but when I talked to you over e-mail about rats, your kindness and compassion came through instsantly.. you will be greatly missed.. see you again someday. godbless Katie

From: Lauren []
Date: Sun Mar 11 13:32:23 2001

Lisa Jenny will always have a place in my heart.

From: meolnie sorry lisa, i don't have one []
Date: Wed Mar 14 02:39:49 2001

lisa jenny was a real nice person. the world would be the best place if everyone was like her. lisa, i'd like to tell you that the rat maze you have for us to find our way thourgh is the coolest thing i have ever done in my life. i'll pray for you every day and everynight all 24 7. i promise

love your biggest fan, ~ melonie~

From: KIRA AOL 6.0 []
Date: Wed Mar 14 02:41:51 2001


From: Lisa Marie []
Date: Thu Mar 22 23:56:32 2001

I own two rats myself, so i loved visiting Lisa's rat homepage. I know that Lisa is having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge, where she will be seeing all her great rat buddies again. Thanks for all your work, lisa! YOu are a wonderful person.i hope your rats here will be taken care of.

From: maaike []
Date: Sat Apr 14 22:14:57 2001

i have 5 rats thy rats are nice this site is a very funny cool site!

i am come from holland.

from maaike brand

From: Meyra Carroll []
Date: Fri Apr 27 02:17:25 2001

I am so sorry that you went through that experience of Lisa Jenny's death.

From: Kathy L. Patton []
Date: Fri May 11 04:10:55 2001

My deepest Condolences to all who knew Lisa Jenny. God bless all of you!

From: []
Date: Sun Jun 17 23:00:28 2001

Who`s Lisa???????

From: Chrissy []
Date: Fri Jul 13 22:42:22 2001

Although I just found your site today, I was deeply touched by your dedication to these wonderful creatures. I'm sure you were warmly welcomed by your rattie friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

From: Jasper ( e-mail: ) []
Date: Mon Jul 23 17:00:59 2001

I have a rat myself and another rat of my is past away too. I know the pain in your hart. A lot of strenght.


From: Heather Saunders []
Date: Sat Aug 25 04:31:55 2001

I didn't know Lisa. But I'm sure she was a great person. She will be missed by many........


My e-mail:

From: Ostrich []
Date: Fri Sep 7 20:29:48 2001

I'm sorry to have come too late to meet her.

From: JoeBob []
Date: Fri Sep 7 21:44:40 2001

This filthy beast should of been in a trap with a broken neck long ago.

From: anon []
Date: Fri Sep 7 21:47:35 2001

sorry for that last rude and insensitive message. Some people just do not think before they speak.

From: Michele McCabe []
Date: Wed Oct 24 11:04:47 2001

As having just found this webpage, is sad to hear of what seems to have been a wonderful, caring person that cared so much the ratties, a such, misunderstood pet. Much love.

From: Genevieve []
Date: Fri Oct 26 02:16:51 2001

I was going to sign the guest book but somehow this seems more appropriate. Even if it has been nearly two years since her death.

Sometimes it seems like you discover these wonderful people and then you learn that they've gone. Looks like this was the case with Lisa. She was obviously a wonderful person and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to know her.

What a wonderful website. I'm glad that it's been kept going.

To family and friends, my condolences (if a little belated). Lisa will always be alive in your hearts.

May God Bless you and watch over you all.

From: LARRY []
Date: Thu Nov 22 06:10:41 2001


From: Lisa Vun []
Date: Sat Dec 8 08:18:07 2001

I really feel for you loss. My deepest condolences.

From: []
Date: Wed Jan 23 18:38:19 2002

From: LE http:/ []
Date: Wed Jan 30 05:22:01 2002

I am so sorry to have come across this wonderful website only today .. The photos and stories are a treasure to all .. Lisa Jenny has touched the hearts of so many .. those who knew her and so many who never did .. I send my deepest sympathy to her family and friends .. LE

From: Lauren Pattison Ridges and rats []
Date: Sun Mar 31 20:01:21 2002

Im sorry to hear about lisa Jenny passing awayand i love rats as much as any one could.Sorry

From: Keri n/a []
Date: Mon Jul 8 09:34:51 2002

From: Keri n/a []
Date: Mon Jul 8 09:36:54 2002

I read about Lisa in the Rat&Mouse Gazette, and even though I never had the chance to talk with her, I am very sorry to all her friends and family. It sounds like she was a wonderful person in this lifetime, and i'm sure she will be in the next.

From: Jessica []
Date: Fri Aug 30 02:48:05 2002

I let your rat rest in piece.

From: meg []
Date: Wed Oct 30 22:04:56 2002

You are probably surrounded by lots of my rats, byron beeblebrock, (pro)crass(tinate), red stripe, megan, manic muncher, johny turbo 3 n a half, dave, chas sex on a stick, etc, please give them a big hug for me, and I hope you will be waiting when I cross the bridge to be with my ratties again, so I can shake your hand and say THANKYOU. XXX

From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:41:09 2002

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From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:43:22 2002

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From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:43:36 2002

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From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:43:40 2002

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From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:43:42 2002

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From: joe bob []
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:43:48 2002

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From: Katie []
Date: Mon Nov 11 16:40:47 2002

if only there could be more people like lisa and less people like the one who wrote those awful messages. at least in looking after our pets we are doing something caring and productive..and all you do is sit at a computer all day sending offensive messages. get a life and a heart.

From: Erin []
Date: Mon Jan 20 06:12:40 2003

I only came about this site tonight, it is Jan 19, 2003. I was deeply saddened when I saw that Lisa had passed after reading all of the wonderful things she has done for rats. She truly was a shining star, I hope you're resting in peace with all of your rattie friends. Erin

From: Anne M. []
Date: Thu Jan 23 20:37:17 2003

It was sad to put her to death, she was the Rat og rats. I'll miss you, and I hope you didn't feel anything bad the 3 years you lived.

Rest In Peace

From: Anne M. []
Date: Thu Jan 23 20:40:57 2003

I will of course alsaw pay my respect to Lisa, no matter how pathetic people think we are, it will always be sad to lose a friend, rat or human!

From: Mercedes []
Date: Thu Apr 24 21:29:45 2003

Dear Lisa,even though I never met you,I can tell that you were one in millions.I care for all animals,but I just discovered that rats are such wonderful little animals.I am going to vet school next semester and I will do everything that I can to help all animals and rats.May you enjoy the presence of St Francis and all of your rattie friends that passed,and your memories be kept in the hearts that you touched.

From: Lakini Malich []
Date: Thu Jul 17 11:00:00 2003

She liked rats. And now she's dead.

That pretty much sums it up.

From: ratus p ratus []
Date: Sat Feb 21 07:31:53 2004

hailto the rats may i have a bag please

From: wouter []
Date: Mon Mar 22 16:12:04 2004

I'm very sorry for your rat, my deepest sympathy, greetz

From: kelly none []
Date: Wed Apr 7 12:17:51 2004

Shey wose a good persone i dident know her well. but i know she had a BIG hart i hope shey seas hello to all of my passt on frands at rainbow bridge.

From: eric []
Date: Wed Apr 14 17:01:04 2004

i am sorry lisa died.

From: Beth Campbell []
Date: Thu May 13 00:36:47 2004

I love rats so much. Infact im a love rat.

From: Kristin Johnson []
Date: Sat May 22 23:48:48 2004

I'm missing you again today, Lisa.

love always, Kristin and the rats

From: maxwell gaudet []
Date: Tue Jun 15 01:50:06 2004

I am so sorry about Lisa and i had a rat who died.

From: Clivia []
Date: Tue Oct 19 07:49:53 2004

Today I read a thread on the ratlist and we indulged in fond memories of the ratlist "oldies". I am one of them and Lisa, you were too. The world is missing you, Lisa. I am thinking of you, my friend, wherever you are. Clivia

From: debb templeton []
Date: Fri Oct 22 05:03:08 2004


l never met you although l wish l did the world does need more people like you thank you for looking after my ratties at the rainbow bridge

blessed be


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Date: Wed Nov 17 12:14:54 2004

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From: Paul Lewis []
Date: Tue Nov 1 14:57:00 2005

All the best to the family mate and get in their those rat at tat tats

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Date: Wed Nov 16 00:05:13 2005

Just to say your site is great :-)

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From: Elizabeth Scism []
Date: Sat Apr 29 03:06:42 2006

I'm sorry sorry for the loss. =( Rest in peace beloved rat.

From: []
Date: Sat Apr 29 03:25:44 2006

From: jessica Peters []
Date: Sun Jul 9 04:50:43 2006

I never met your rattie, but I know I'd lose my mind if I lost one of my boys! I love my ratties to death and I'm even allergic to them and I'm keeping them, I'll even get more when they go. I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless u and your ratties

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From: Yersinia []
Date: Mon Apr 9 18:08:48 2007

I'm back, seven years later, because of a recent "event" which made me remember Lisa once again, and come up with a way to "memorialize" her.

In the past year, I became addicted to a computer game called The Sims, which can be customized by adding content created by other gamers. A fellow gamer I know recently created rats (and is willing to create more if I send him pictures of other varieties).

Two of my sim families had some of these rats as pets, and then I decided to "infest" the whole neighborhood, but yesterday when attempting that, I ran into some technical problems with my original plan and can't do it that way. Soooooo.....

Tonight, I am going to create a sim named Lisa Jenny, and give her all the pet rats the game will allow her to have. Lisa will always live on for me.


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Date: Sat Nov 17 15:45:22 2007

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Date: Sat Nov 17 15:46:04 2007


From: Jenny R.Sedomon []
Date: Sat Aug 9 04:56:01 2008

I dont realy know who Lisa Jenny is but condolences and great sympathy to her family.May she rest in peace.Amen

From: Suzanne Crawford []
Date: Wed Aug 13 03:02:47 2008

It has been eight years since I first posted. I stumbled across this site again somewhat by accident. On revisiting the memory of Lisa, I feel the same way: that she was a kind, loving, and generous person that left a void in the world.

Thinking of you, Lisa. Take care.

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